Francky ride - alentours

from my experiences i agree with you...

if you lower the BB you can shorten the CS and Steepen the heatube to get similar behavior from the bike as a higher BB and longer CS. Companies can't all sell the same damn thing so they mix it up. there probably are subtle differences but none are true deal breakers. I can some up my belief on this by saying i don't think you'll see the following Frame specs any time soon. at least flying off the shelf for "freestyle".

76 HT, ,
. , CS

The specs just each other. Where as if you flip the CS you get a race bike or super trail spec frame and a Super Street maybe flatland frame.

I just say pick from frames that fit what you prefer to ride (street, trail, Park). then pick the right size TT and whatever brand, color, pro model you prefer that year. the specs are moot at that point.

Francky Ride - Alentours