Pankrti - sexpok

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The band started playing in the fall of 1977, practicing in the basement of Kodeljevo 's music school, and held their first concert at Moste High School. Initially, they played covers of established punk bands including the Sex Pistols , The Clash and New York Dolls . Some of the first original songs by the band that became popular were: "Za železno zaveso" (Behind The Iron Curtain), "Anarhist" (Anarchist), and "Lublana je bulana" (Ljubljana is Sick). They were included in the Novi Punk Val compilation album. They released their first album "Dolgcajt" (Boredom) in 1980 and gained the status of a cult band all over former Yugoslavia .

Pankrti - SexpokPankrti - SexpokPankrti - SexpokPankrti - Sexpok