Snuggles - rod & gun club

Heart Mountain Rod & Gun Club ... LP Photography updated their info in the about section... but I o so loved getting some newborn snuggles in!!! <3.

My own personal story of non firearms ownership will serve as the first and most detailed example. For the first 16 years of my childhood I grew up in South East Asia, and the last 2 in a boarding school in the United States. Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia are where I called home. Burma is still controlled by a ruthless and incompetent military dictatorship, Malaysia was similarly controlled by a dictator at the time I was living there, and Thailand was and is a pretty free democratic country despite it’s ebb and flow in the years since. Out of the three, Thailand was the only country where a Thai national could even hope to own a firearm legally, was and is pretty hard to jump through alot of legal hoops and restrictions.

Snuggles - Rod & Gun Club